Opinion: Build computers in school

Want to save some money and give kids a better understanding of computers? Have them build their own, writes PC Magazine’s John C. Dvorak. "Parts from old machines can be salvaged, and new machines can be built inexpensively at the school by the students," Dvorak writes. "Make it a yearly project for various classes, giving students some understanding of the components and how they work together. … The opportunity to build computers in today’s classrooms has all sorts of angles and benefits. Let’s say the kids put together a simple ATOM-based machine using inexpensive Intel motherboards. They can salvage hard disks from last year’s machines or buy a new hard disk, add memory, and drop it in a salvaged case or get a new case. However it is done, it should be cheaper than loading up the school with new machines from China. … Is any school doing this? And if not, why not?"

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