Perfect Picture Lighting – The Perfect Way to Light Up Your Art is the latest addition to Piano Lifestyles, Inc.  We specialize in selling all kinds of lights for artwork; lighting for artwork is a wonderful finishing touch for any room.  For decades our cultured and educated customers have enjoyed attentive personal attention from our dedicated family business customer service department.  Along with extensive internet know-how and high quality products, has designed its site for ease of use, trained its staff to facilitate your choices and streamlined its system to shepherd your purchases from our house to yours with a minimum of fuss. helps everyone find the optimum lighting solutions for showing off framed artwork, photos, prints, schedules, even menus.  From modern LED accent lighting to remote control picture lighting, we sell hundreds of styles of high quality picture lights for artwork.  Whether you need direct wire picture lights [see one of our videos on the different ways of getting electrification for picture lights], picture lighting for mantels, wall picture lights or small picture lights that attach to the picture frame, helps by supplying all kinds of picture perfect lighting.

Who are our customers?  We serve individuals with one-on-one attention.  We also work hand-in-hand with professionals, architects and developers who need contract lighting services [see our contract lighting form on the site].  Our staff spends endless hours designing ways to make your lamp selection easy and your order experience smoother.  Some of our lights can be customized to suit.  We can advise on which lights will match your home décor and can help you think through many issues when it comes to lighting your artwork.  See our videos for ideas on how different kinds of installations and different bulbs suit different circumstances. 

Our picture lights hang in cruise ships and hotels, in cathedrals and museums, in law offices and diplomatic residences.  We ship nationally and internationally.  We have worked with countless schools, universities and churches over the years, and will accept purchase orders from such institutions [see our purchase order form on the site]. 

We work with newlyweds who are hanging their framed wedding photos; artists who are highlighting their paintings in galleries; churches beautifying their interiors; schools and concert halls illuminating their alumni or schedules; restaurants presenting their menus – we are dedicated to helping anyone who needs a special light shining on a print, photo, sign or painting. 

We represent dozens of high quality manufacturers including House of Troy,Custom lighting for picture frames  and custom picture lamps.  Each of our sales reps has been trained to ask the right questions and guide you in making the perfect picture light or mantel light choice. 

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