San Francisco Unified selects School Loop as school-to-home communications solution for San Francisco schools

Kati Elliott                                              
San Francisco Unified selects School Loop as school-to-home communications solution for San Francisco schools
San Francisco, CA –– September 14, 2009 –San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD)  is implementing a new school-to-home communication solution that will solve the district’s problems in communicating with a population that speaks more than twenty languages.  SFUSD chose School Loop, a K-12 software company that keeps all parties in the loop regardless of language or computer access.
After completing a successful 20-school pilot of School Loop last Spring, San Francisco Unified is rolling out School Loop to its 111 schools, 55,000 students, and their parents in the Fall of 2009.  Response from the pilot school teachers has been very strong and the district is providing many incentives to encourage all of its teachers to participate in School Loop.

Loop is an online system that makes it easy for teachers to publish assignments, grades and attendance, and even easier for parents to get the information they need.  Each night, School Loop sends a custom email to each parent and student with the student’s assignments calendar, attendance and current grades.  "San Francisco is a true melting pot and School Loop was designed to reach out across all divides to help all parents stay in the loop about their children’s education," said School Loop CEO Mark Gross. 

With School Loop partner TeleParent (, teachers can use School Loop to reach parents who don’t speak English.  While parents who subscribe to School Loop receive the nightly email, parents who don’t subscribe receive a phone call in their native language letting them know if there is an upcoming test, an important assignment, or if their student’s grade is trending up or down. 

"When I was a teacher I found my scarcest commodity was time. When I founded School Loop, I had as my mission saving educators time while helping them communicate efficiently with all parents.  Our technology has allowed this mission to become a reality," says Gross.

About San Francisco Unified School District

Founded in 1851, San FranciscoUnifiedSchool District educates approximately 55,000 of San Francisco‘s pre-school, elementary, middle and high school students at 34 preschools, 102 K-12 schools, 8 county/court schools, and 9 charter schools. The mission of the San FranciscoUnifiedSchool District is to provide each student with an equal opportunity to succeed by promoting intellectual growth, creativity, self-discipline, cultural and linguistic sensitivity, democratic responsibility, economic competence, and physical and mental health so that each student can achieve his or her maximum potential.

About School Loop
School Loop, Inc. is a San Francisco-based online communication system for K-12 school districts that keeps everyone in the loop.  From websites to gradebooks, from email to interventions, School Loop is an integrated solution designed specifically for K-12 school districts.  Born in a teacher’s classroom in 2004, School Loop today serves over 1000 schools in 100 districts in 20 states.  Many of
California‘s largest districts are customers of School Loop, including San Francisco, Long Beach, Elk Grove, Capistrano, and Los Angeles.

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