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(September 1, 2009) GetMeOnTop is ranked as #1 on Google out of 1.7 Billion results when you search for "#1 Google”.  This impressive Search Engine Optimization firm is the number one SEO company located in Manhattan NY and the Hamptons.  GetMeOnTop offers a vast array of services to small and large businesses as well as independent website owners looking to make a solid web presence.  The company’s ability to rank high in major search engines is clearly identified in the fact that they have ranked number 1 in 17 billion search results, and GetMeOnTop works tirelessly to do the same for all of their clientele.


GetMeOnTop is considered one of the very best SEO and Web Development and Search Engine companies.  Considered the best in the industry, GetMeOnTop’s services are unrivalled by other SEO companies.  Services supplied by GetMeOnTop include items such as Web Development, Web Design, SEO Copywriting, Keyword services, Pay-per-click advertising and management, Internet marketing and planning, business development, link building, and campaigning, search engine submission, search engine optimization services, press release creation, reputation management and more.


Search Engine Optimization is an ever-changing business and the rules associated with SEO are constantly evolving.  GetMeOnTop remains committed to offering the best white hat search engine optimization methods around so that a website has a solid opportunity to have a professional web presence established and rank #1.  Black hat SEO services are not provided by GetMeOnTop; all services are professional and above-board; this means that a client never has to worry about having their web listing penalized or banned by major search engines.


Companies, businesses, and website owners looking to get a website recognized on the Internet, to generate a large audience for Internet material, and to get high search engine rankings can do so with the professional services supplied by GetMeOnTop.  A company considered best in class, GetMeOnTop can assist their clients in getting websites ranked among the first few search engine pages and often at the top for most keywords on major search engines like Yahoo, MSN, Ask.com, AOL.com, and Google.  With great search engine rankings, businesses can draw in and convert more business via more web visitors, and a website will stand out from among the rest with help from GetMeOnTop.


GetMeOnTop combines tools and resources to maximize a website’s potential; press releases can be generated that will increase web traffic and back links that return to a specific website.  A link building campaign, an otherwise time consuming process, will be skillfully fully managed by GetMeOnTop so that a client can establish credibility online by being linked to similar, credible establishments and can further increase search engine rankings with an increase in inbound links.  GetMeOnTop can even provide a client with usability tests of their website, and will further generate a full report and can complete the work on the changes that need to be made to make a website more useful and informative for web visitors too.  What’s more, GetMeOnTop will help you increase your profit on pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and will take on the task of managing a client’s pay-per-click campaigns so that the client can attend to other important business tasks!


GetMeOnTop really is a great company! David and his staff really know what they are doing and have helped me very well. The web development was great already!




Generating content for a website is a never ending process and one that can be professionally handled by a super SEO company like GetMeOnTop.  Fresh articles with keyword enriched content can be created for a website that makes the website more practical, informative, and appealing to web visitors and customers.  Further, new content draws traffic to your site as specified keywords are targeted that will increase a website’s appearance in major search engine query results.


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