“Park Hill adopted Acuity as a means of increasing agility in monitoring student progress toward GLE proficiency,” said Klein. “Acuity was selected because it is aligned with our state test, the MAP, and because of its psychometric properties. The technical quality of the Predictive Assessments was a critical factor in our decision. We believe Acuity is the best benchmark predictor of the MAP that is available.”

Predictive Assessments

In PHSD, all students in grades 3-8 take the Acuity Predictive Assessments in communication arts and mathematics three times a year. Students in grades 5 and 8 also take the Predictive Assessments in science. The assessments provide immediate information about student progress and growth, and allow educators to predict student performance on the MAP test. This information helps teachers prioritize their instructional action plans and concentrate efforts where students most need instructional intervention.

The Predictive Assessments also help teachers prepare students for the annual grade-level assessments using item content that mirrors the content on the MAP.

“Many commercially available tests are only loosely correlated with our state standards. Acuity aligns well and assesses the standards in a similar way to the type of items students experience on the MAP,” said Klein.

Like the MAP, the Predictive Assessments include both selected-response and constructed-response items.

“Previously, our students struggled with demonstrating their knowledge and skills in the constructed-response item format. Acuity lets them practice and prepare for these type of items,” he said.

Instructional Resources and Custom Assessments

To help teachers intervene early and effectively, Acuity provides online instructional resources and the opportunity to build custom assessments with an item bank and item authoring tools.

“The instructional exercises and custom tests are optional for our teachers. We use these to varying degrees at different schools,” said Klein. “One school also uses the Diagnostic Assessments in grades 3-5. They liked the assessments so well that they want to use them again next year.”


To help educators easily measure student progress and growth throughout the school year, Acuity features dozens of reports at the student, class, school, and district levels.