“From an organizational perspective, Acuity helps keep everyone motivated throughout the year,” he added. “Previously, people would get excited in the month before state testing, but we wanted that kind of excitement and focus on the standards year-round. Acuity has helped push that to the next level, because the more often you’re looking at the data and how it relates to the standards, the more often you’re thinking about teaching and learning in those terms.”

In addition, Klein reports that Acuity has helped the district make improved and timelier decisions about programs or strategies it is piloting. “We receive quick, reliable feedback that helps us understand the impact of the new program or strategy,” he said.

“Overall, Acuity has helped Park Hill take the next step into the world of standards-based education,” said Klein. “It has helped teachers move from a focus on teaching to a focus on learning.  As a result of Acuity, our teachers are not only more knowledgeable about Missouri’s standards, but can also measure progress toward proficiency on these standards.”