Elgin classroom introduces ‘Wiihab’

From baseball to boxing, the Nintendo Wii gaming system is giving students a workout in Kevin McDaniels’ multi-handicapped classroom at Elgin West Elementary School, reports the Marion Star of Ohio. Elgin Local Schools received a grant from the Mid-Ohio Energy Community Fund to purchase a Wii and software such as Wii Fit to use in the classroom. McDaniels’ goals were to increase his students’ fine and gross motor skills, help them deal with the concept of winning and losing, and increase their classroom attention. "I’ve seen online [that] a lot of nursing homes use Wiis for physical therapy," McDaniels said. He decided to see if it would also work in his classroom. The students started using the system at the beginning of the school year. While they receive physical or occupational therapy once a week, depending on their needs, they can use the Wii daily. McDaniels says using the Wii helps students increase their fine and gross motor skills, strengthen their muscles, and develop their hand-eye coordination and posture. "As far as winning and losing, it’s not been a problem yet," said McDaniels, who said often neither player scores. "These guys, most of the time they tie. They have fun."

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