Curriculum Associates Launches new state-specific ‘Ready’ Line with ‘TAKS Ready Mathematics’ and ‘TAKS Ready Reading’



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 Curriculum Associates Launches new state-specific ‘Ready’ Line with ‘TAKS Ready Mathematics’ and ‘TAKS Ready Reading’
New test practice and instruction books help students raise
test scores on statewide assessments
NORTH BILLERICA, Mass., September 10, 2009 – Curriculum Associates, a leading publisher of research-based supplemental curriculum materials and tools for today’s diverse classrooms, is launching its Ready line of test practice and instruction books with the new TAKS Ready Mathematics and TAKS Ready Reading. These supplemental materials will replace the TAKS Practice and Mastery series and include test practice and focused instruction to help students raise their test scores on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS™).
TAKS Ready Test Practice gives students practice with problems and questions that correlate to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). TAKS Ready simulates the test-taking experience by mirroring the content and format of the TAKS™. Three practice tests can be used as Pretest, Benchmark, and Post Test. The Pretest in TAKS Ready Test Practice determines the instruction in TAKS Ready Instruction.
TAKS Ready Instruction provides engaging, detailed instruction on each of the TEKS to help all students succeed on the TAKS™. Scaffolded instruction includes Introduction, Modeled Instruction, Guided Instruction, Guided Practice, and TAKS Practice.
“As districts are tasked with showing adequate yearly progress for all students, it is more important for them to be able to find and use materials targeted to their specific needs,” said Rob Waldron, president and COO of Curriculum Associates. “We are focusing our development efforts on creating individualized instructional materials for states to help teachers offer individualized instruction to students.”
Availability and Pricing
Student sets of TAKS Ready Mathematics and TAKS Ready Reading include a Student Instruction Book and a Student Test Practice Book, each with three Practice Tests. Each set is available in English (grades 1-8) and Spanish (grades 1-5). The English TAKS Ready Test Practice Series and Instruction Books are currently available for purchase, as well as the Spanish Practice Series. The Spanish Instruction Books will be available in October 2009. TAKS Ready Collections, including materials for 25 students, are also available for purchase for $249.75. For a complete description of TAKS Ready Mathematics and TAKS Ready Reading, visit
About Curriculum Associates
Founded in 1969, privately-owned Curriculum Associates, is dedicated to designing research-based instructional materials, screens and assessments, and data management tools. The company’s products and outstanding customer services provide teachers and administrators with the resources necessary for teaching a diverse student population and fostering learning for all students. For company and product information, visit Curriculum Associates on the Web at or call 1-800-225-0248.

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