Brainchild’s Achiever! is Newly Aligned to Tennessee Curriculum Standards

NASHVILLE, Tenn. October 6, 2009 Brainchild ( announced today that TCAP Achiever! online assessment and instruction resource has been newly aligned to the new and more rigorous Tennessee Curriculum Standards that students will face in the 2010 TCAP (Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program). TCAP Achiever! monitors interventions and helps educators give additional support to children who are falling behind. The program accurately assesses TCAP standards-based performance and shares data between teachers, administrators and parents so that they can monitor student progress and provide intervention as needed.


TCAP Achiever! is part of Brainchild’s “Academy Concept” of using three learning stations with data-driven, individualized instruction. The Academy Concept gives students multiple ways to learn the state-specific standards while also giving educators valuable data about individual student progress.  At the first learning station, TCAP Achiever! evaluates individual proficiency and then assigns intervention or enrichment activities, which are automatically generated by the system. At the second station, Brainchild’s Study Buddy electronic tutors provide self-paced, differentiated instruction and cooperative learning.  At the third station, students who need intensive intervention work one-on-one with a teacher on standards-based worksheets. These worksheets are printed from the TCAP Achiever! library of math and language arts content and are listed by the standard numbers of the new Tennessee SPI’s (state performance indicators) and GLE’s (grade level expectations).


“The purpose of TCAP Achiever! is to automate and simplify continuous assessments and monitoring of student progress, especially useful for RTI programs,” said Jeff Cameron, founder and president of Brainchild. “This lets teachers spend more time teaching and less time collecting data and creating reports. At the same time, our Academy concept gives students virtually unlimited differentiated instruction.”


TCAP Achiever! is popular with educators because it saves them time and is simple to implement. Whether used in the classroom, after school, or at home, when students have mastered the standards in their personal learning plans, they see high achievement on the TCAP.  


Language arts and math content is available in English and Spanish. Brainchild products are generally acquired with Title 1, IDEA, and Migrant funds.  Study Buddies are a “non-recurring expense” as defined by stimulus funds under ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009).


About Brainchild

Brainchild, Corp. is a Florida-based company that provides standards-based online assessment, instruction and reporting tools that help students reach and exceed learning objectives. In addition to its Achiever! series built individually for each state, Brainchild manufactures the Study Buddy, the first handheld tutor that was created exclusively for the K-12 public school market and is being used by
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