CrossTec Announces SchoolVue v10.5: Classroom Management Console Provides Enhanced Interactivity, Monitoring, and

CrossTec Announces SchoolVue v10.5: Classroom Management Console Provides Enhanced Interactivity, Monitoring, and Wireless Coverage for Computer-Driven Instruction

Newest version adds real-time audio monitoring for language labs, quick access to manage student resources, and optimized wireless performance that extends the learning environment.

Boca Raton, Florida, October 7, 2009 — CrossTec Corporation, a leading provider of software management solutions, announces the release of SchoolVue v10.5, a classroom management console that facilitates effective computer-driven instruction. SchoolVue v10.5 offers several new and enhanced features, including real-time audio monitoring for language labs, improved management of student resources, and optimized wireless performance to expand the range of classroom connectivity (laptops can now more easily access the system from just about anywhere on campus).  SchoolVue v10.5 provides IT staff and educators with a secure, flexible, and easy-to-use classroom management tool that unlocks the true potential of computer-driven education, improving interactivity and monitoring while promoting real gains in learning outcomes.

 “The newest release of SchoolVue enables educators at all levels to easily and effectively integrate the power of computer technology in almost all learning environments, with one objective in mind: to improve instruction and student outcomes,” said Turner Dean, VP Sales of CrossTec Corporation. “Teachers need appropriate management tools to ensure students are using the technology for the intended purpose since many subjects are increasingly dependent on a computer-driven learning model. Our new real-time audio monitoring tool can help teachers ensure that students are on task and following a computer-led language lesson. SchoolVue is an easy-to-use classroom management tool that requires little IT administration or intervention; it gives educators the flexibility and control they need for dynamic, effective instruction; and it provides students with an engaging, interactive environment that keeps them on track and accountable for what they learn.”

New features of SchoolVue v10.5 include the following:

· Real-time audio monitoring: SchoolVue v10.5 includes real-time audio monitoring to help teachers ensure that language lab computers are being used as effectively and efficiently as possible. Teachers can monitor the entire class in a single view and use the displayed visual indicators to see instantly which PCs have live audio activity. They can listen to a student’s microphone feed and correct pronunciation, as well as conduct a two-way audio (or text) chat with a specific student while avoiding disruption for the rest of the class.

· Optimized classroom wireless connectivity. SchoolVue v10.5 introduces an additional connectivity option ideal for helping teachers to quickly connect to computers in any given room—including laptops. An intuitive startup wizard enables them to assign PCs to a particular room and quickly deploy the student software to those machines. At the start of a lesson teachers simply indicate which of the pre-defined rooms they want to connect to. Roaming students, such as those in 1-to-1 laptop programs, also have the option of connecting to a designated room.

· Shortcuts to the Student Toolbar. The Student Toolbar in SchoolVue v10.5 provides a quick and convenient way for students to access the resources required for a given lesson. In situations where the school’s computer desktops are “locked down,” preventing students from creating desktop shortcuts to work files, web site, etc., teachers can now quickly add the required shortcuts to the Student Toolbar.

CrossTec SchoolVue v10.5 also includes enhancements to its administrative and instructional functionalities, as well as classroom and performance management components.

 Free 30-day evaluations of CrossTec SchoolVue v10.5 can be downloaded at, or call (800) 675-0729 to speak with an account manager.

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