Free Web 2.0 Projects Book

UK-based Educator Terry Freedman says:

I’m in the process of producing a 2nd edition of the free ebook 60 Web 2.0 Projects I published on my website last year (and which is still available). The idea of the book was to collate a bunch of ideas of how teachers were using Web 2.0 apps in their classrooms. As one teacher said to me in a presentation I was giving, “The great thing about these ideas is that I can walk into school tomorrow morning and put just about any one of them into practice!”


Around 11,500 people have downloaded it, but some of the links no longer work and there have been new applications coming on the scene, as well as new teachers (new to Web 2.0, that is) and so I felt the time was right for an update. I have nearly 80 ideas so far, and it would be great to get the number up to 100! The target release date is the second week in January.


So the message to your listeners (please!) is: If you’re doing anything interesting in the way of Web 2.0, please share! It will take only a few minutes to complete an online form. Full details about what, why and the benefits to all are contained in this article:


I’ve had some really interesting contributions so far, and it would be wonderful to include yours!


Just one more thing: I am NOT looking for brilliant, rocket science, ground-breaking ideas, but ideas that actually work in real classrooms with real kids!

 Thank you!


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