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New Delhi, Oct 11 (IANS) Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad is not happy with data on the outcome of immunisation drives and his ministry is developing software which will keep a thorough record of all such health campaigns.

‘The outcome of immunisation drives is not satisfactory. I asked my officers how they arrive at these figures and the reply was not very convincing. I have told them to have new software which will help us in getting the authentic figures,’ Azad said.

‘These software will be provided to all blocks under the National Rural Health Mission as they already have computers and a person to man it. The data will be collected at that level.


‘All the kids will have their name, father’s name and telephone number (in the database). If someone does not have a telephone number then his neighbour’s telephone number will be there. This will help monitoring the immunisation drive better,’ he said at a diabetes conference organised by the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

‘By the end of this year, you may see this happening.’

He said his ministry spends a lot on surveys and he would like to ‘do away with them’. ‘I have respect for NGOs. But what the so many people in government cannot do, how can three-four people (of a NGO) do?’ http://www.seo.higradeworld.com

India has been carrying out several immunisation drives – some universal and others targeted. However, at least half of the children do not get vaccinated for various diseases.


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