New Assessment Software Passes Test, Saving Schools Money and Time

Eagan, MN — Even though students answer the questions, standardized assessments are as much a measure of child performance as they are about “testing” the teacher.

Once the final student fills in the last oval, the educators’ next big test starts. This is their race against the clock—efficiently collecting, coordinating and packing all of the score sheets and testing materials in time for the shipper to pick them up.

Many schools have difficultly passing this test, especially those already working with small staffs and tight budgets. To answer this challenge, K2 Assessments has developed customized software, Assessment Management System (AMS).
“K2’s software is easy to work with. It eliminates a ton of duplicitous paperwork,” says Sherry Hipp, testing coordinator for Florida’s DeSoto County Schools. “I realize tracking assessments is a complex undertaking, but I always feel like I’m getting personalized service.” 
By perfecting this software, K2 has doubled its assessment services reach while enhancing its ability to customize shipping needs to school districts in more than 20 states. 
“Over the last three years, we’ve worked hard developing the most efficient, easy to use, worry free assessment management software,” says K2 Logistics’ information technology director Jon Clark. “Listening to and working with educators and test administrators, we’ve learned what parts of AMS best suit their needs and improved the system to deliver unique products to the assessment logistics industry.”
A few elements set K2 apart, including its flexibility, comprehensive reminder system and follow up checklists. How it allows users to track shipments also provides significant advantages. Most shipping systems let administrators follow only one delivery at a time using a specific tracking number.   K2’s AMS makes it possible to track an entire district or state without the hassle of plugging in a separate number for each shipment.
As budgets get cut in districts nationwide, K2’s proprietary software is putting the best tools possible in our educators’ hands, helping them deliver the same top quality education with fewer resources.
About K2 Logistics:
K2 Logistics is a full-service shipping and supply chain management company delivering performance excellence. Its Assessment Logistics division operates in more than 20 states, offering custom pick up, packaging, warehousing and delivery solutions to districts, departments of education and national testing contractors. To learn more about K2, visit its website,

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