PublicSchoolWORKS Supports Public School Risk Institute (PSRI) and Efforts to Recognize School Safety Leaders


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PublicSchoolWORKS Supports Public School Risk Institute (PSRI) and Efforts to Recognize School Safety Leaders 

Creating relationships with industry associations promotes better exchange of safety information with school personnel


Cincinnati, OH October 14, 2009 – School administrators are seeking new and proven ways to protect students and employees from injury.   The Public School Risk Institute (PSRI) is a national non-profit association whose mission it is to share best practices in school risk management.  PublicSchoolWORKS (PSW), an organization that helps districts manage safety requirements, educate individuals on safe work-related practices, and easily handle the amount of paperwork and reporting that accompanies safety issues, has become a corporate partner of PSRI in order to help the organization disseminate best practices to education.


“We feel very strongly about supporting the mission of PSRI,” said Tom Strasburger, Vice President of PSW. “As initiatives are started, we believe we can help deliver and reinforce PSRI risk management objectives with our clients and other educators who care about school safety.  We can also lend our expertise to the association as they are developing best practices and creating tools that all members of PSRI can share and implement.”    


“PSW became a supporter of PSRI early in our development,” said Lee Gaby, Executive Director for PSRI.  “PSW gave us networking advice and visibility at the 2008 ASBO International Annual Conference, which was extremely beneficial. We recently began brainstorming with PSW about an award and recognition program that would promote successful models of risk management in schools.”


“Schools have much to share with and teach others about safety measures. PSRI is the perfect organization to move an awards program forward,” said Strasburger. “As a company we have been thinking about a risk management award for schools for quite some time; we hope to soon see recognition that honors schools that are lowering their risk while providing safe working and learning environments.”


About Public School Risk Institute
Public School Risk Institute is a nonprofit association. The Institute focuses on public school districts exclusively. The Institute’s primary audience includes the estimated 220,000 top administrators and officials in local public school districts, some 200-300 school district risk managers and about 700 administrators and officials of risk sharing groups. The Institute strives to support a large community of school risk management professionals who are committed to the success of public education.The Institute relies on financial support from dues, subscriptions, grants, donations and fees from its activities. It also accepts volunteer and in-kind services.


About PublicSchoolWORKS

PublicSchoolWORKS works with a variety of districts internationally helping them implement comprehensive safety and compliance management programs. PSW offers two separate suites, EmployeeSafe and StudentWatch, which offer practical and cost-effective solutions for safety training and management of safety concerns.   Since its founding in 2000, PublicSchoolWORKS has been committed to providing top-quality, practical and cost-effective solutions to the constantly changing environmental, health and safety requirements affecting the nation’s educational systems. The company has gained an exemplary reputation for the innovation and technical superiority of its comprehensive and integrated safety and compliance management systems, which combine administrative software tools and resources to dramatically reduce the time and cost required to develop, implement, and sustain safety compliance programs. For more information visit us on the web at

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