Oklahoma City, January 21, 2009: The American Education Corporation (AEC) – publisher of the A+nyWhere Learning System® (A+LS), A+® LearningLink, and A+® Classroom Student Response Software – announced today that it has released U.S. History I, a brand new core Social Sciences course for the A+nyWhere Learning System courseware program.


U.S. History I is the first full-semester course component of a comprehensive, yearlong course of study that is appropriate for grades 9–12. U.S. History I is designed to bring the history of America to life by connecting the events of the past to today’s world. Students will examine history by using the themes of culture, economics, geography, global connections, government, science/technology, and sociology/anthropology.


Each of the thirty-four lessons contains a study guide, practice exercises, a mastery test, and an essay or constructed response. Numerous lessons access information from primary and secondary sources such as treaties, presidential inaugural addresses, historic letters, political cartoons, U.S. Census charts, and biographical materials.


The reading level of U.S History I is certified by MetaMetrics® with a Lexile® score of 1060. The content in this course is based on curriculum standards for social studies developed by the National Council for the Social Studies and a compilation of state standards that focus specifically on the curriculum content for a comprehensive high school U.S. History I course.

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