Firm Monster’s offers free assistance on how to make money online

Los Angeles, October 18, 2009 – Making money online has been made easier with the Firm Monster free assistance.

The world’s leading company in web development, web design and marketing firm is expanding its affordable offers by providing more services for free. Firm Monster gives help to would-be entrepreneurs and business owners such as tips and help on how to make money online.

Firm Monster has been in the industry since 2008 but has already established a name as it is one of the highly recognized online web solution companies today. There are many people turning to them for their online needs since they have the latest technology used in making web solutions possible.

“Although we are new, we want to prove now what our company is capable of”, says Yavar Assil, the young entrepreneur who owns Firm Monster. He further added that, “the company is offering a complete product line such as free hosting solutions, Custom website creations, Secure SSL certificates, personalized email with spam and anti-phishing filtering.”

For Firm Monster, a website is a good advertising tool that markets the product effectively which makes the owner easily make money online. Along with their free assistance, the company also gives some tips on how to make money without spending any dime.

Here are some of the important tips shared by Firm Monster to easily make money online.

•    Help other people find a job – Recruiting more job seekers will help someone earn money. Referring people who gets hired is usually equivalent to $50 up. This is one of the best ways to get into the recruiting business.

•    Write articles/blogs – There are many companies and businesses that will pay for an article or blog post. The payment method varies but the amount is definitely fair.

•    Make a topical resource bank – This is good for those who are expert in a particular niche topic. The job involves overview of topic and gathers the best resources with similar topics from the entire web. And then, a topical resource bank can be made and submit it to sites like HugPages, Google Knol or Squidoo. The payment process is based on the affiliation fees and ad revenue gathered.

•    Photography – This is not for photographers only, but also for those people who have many photo collections and are willing to share it on the web. Each photo will have a corresponding amount when submitted to a website. To simply put, it’s like selling photo online.

•     Promote other people’s products – For bloggers and web site owners, there are companies or vendors that offer related but non-competing goods. Just choose products and brands that are easier to sell.

•    Create a blog – Since web sites are a little expensive for selling products, a blog site can be a good substitute. It is easier to set up and the owner can post everything, may it be an article, image, or a video clip.

Make money online is not that difficult. With the help of good companies like Firm Monster, anyone can establish an online reputation without exerting too much effort.

And there’s more good news – there are more companies and employers investing in online business this year, which means more jobs to come.

To learn more or how to become a member of Firm Monster, visit for more information.

About Firm Monster:

Firm Monster is the world’s leading company in web solutions. Founded in 2008 and based in Los Angeles, the company specializes in hosting solutions, Custom website creations, Secure SSL certificates, personalized email with spam and anti-phishing filtering that meet business and consumer needs. The company’s advanced technology is utilized by millions of people in different countries.


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