Here techies care for matters of heart

Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, in association with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany, has been stepping forward in direction to make the diagnosis of heart diseases cheaper as well as more authentic.

The IIT experts are working on a project with Germany’s top institute KIT, with which the report of ECG would be converted into an image for better analysis of the heart diseases using inverse ECG.

The new technology would enable the cardiologists to extract more information about heart problems with an advance image of the ECG. Medical experts are of the view that this would help in early detection and cure of cardiac diseases with more authenticity as ECG imaging can non-invasively detect and map abnormal EP substrates associated with infarction and structural heart disease.

“This would not only save money but also the precious time, which so far was spent on various diagnostic tests before the real treatment started,” claims Dr Olaf Dossel of KIT, one of the pioneers in inverse ECG, who is on a visit to the IIT-R for the purpose.

Dr Olaf said, “The intentions are to read as much as possible from the cheap ECG… The software would be able to prepare an image of the electrophysiology of the heart through ECG.” He said in some cases an X-ray image of the heart would continue to play an important role in diagnosis.

The objective is to extract as much information from ECG to make diagnosis more specific so that doctors can select the best therapy. According to Dr Olaf, the ECG data measured on body surface of the patient is projected directly onto the heart, which pinpoints the problem area with heart rhythm.

An advance software for the purpose has already been developed by the KIT, which has been declared Institute of Excellence in Germany, while the IIT-R is working on analyzing the inverse ECG signals that would be used to convert the data into an image, said Dr Vinod Kumar, professor of Electrical Engineering Department at the IIT. He maintained that the reliability of ECG diagnosis would increase manifold with this technology. With this development not only the treatment of heart diseases would become cheaper but detection of disease would be more trustworthy, said Dr Vinod Kumar. IIT-R has already developed a software for the analysis of ECG signal and the research studies carried out here have been recognised internationally.


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