New Math Series Addresses Low Algebra Scores by Targeting Elementary Students

Plantation , Florida – Learning Today, Inc., a South Florida-based reading and math software publisher (, announced the release today of their new Adobe Flash-based algebra series for grades K through 5.

These new educational activities are designed to help algebraic thinking come alive for elementary students through the use of fun and interactive activities which include colorful blocks, musical penguins, bouncing balls, and in-out machines.

A total of twelve algebra lessons introduce elementary school children to key algebraic concepts including concrete and pictorial patterns, pictorial symbols and patterns, equations and inequalities, patterns, relationships and functions and real-world problem solving using equations.

“Many middle school students are fearful of Algebra,” stated Robin Baker, Executive Vice President of Learning Today. “We’re hoping that introducing elementary-aged students to algebraic thinking through fun, interactive activities will not only help them learn the basic concepts they need to succeed but also show them how interesting algebra can be.”

Initial student testing of these new algebra lessons and activities has indicated a high level of student engagement due to their fast pace and game-like design. Teachers have also reported that their students seemed to respond well to what is typically a challenging subject for most students. Students who struggle receive specific feedback and detailed explanations, including rich animations and audio, in a fun and encouraging way. In addition, Learning Today’s new adaptive instruction logic ensures that students in need of additional support continue to receive more practice exercises, while students that do not are able to move on quickly to higher-level concepts.

Learning Today’s Smart Tutor reading and math program is research-based and provides placement assessment and individualized instruction. Its online learning management system allows educators to use reports to improve teaching and learning, manage individual lesson plans, and provide information to encourage parents to be involved in their child’s education. Free teacher resources include a teacher forum, as well as reading games and math games for whole group instruction.

About Learning Today, Inc.

Learning Today, Inc. provides schools, school districts, and extended-day learning centers with web-based reading lessons and math lessons that support instruction and targeted intervention. Learning Today’s software program includes tools that help administrators and teachers seamlessly provide reading assessment and math assessment, differentiated instruction and reporting. Based in Plantation, FL, Learning Today can be found at Other software programs include MangoMon for middle and high school intervention at, Smart Tutor for home education at, and free flashcards for Special Education and ESOL education at


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