Schools face tough economic road ahead

New legislation could provide money to save education jobs.

New legislation could provide money to save education jobs.

While some economists point to signs that the nation’s economy is improving, others say the U.S. faces a much slower climb out of the recession–a scenario that will have a huge effect on public education in the coming years.

Though the Dow recently broke 10,000 to hit its highest level for the first time in a year, the national unemployment rate, at 10 percent, is the highest it has been since 1983.

States are still waiting to hit bottom and are not likely to do so for another year or two–and education will feel the financial impact for some time after that, said Richard Sims, the chief economist for the National Education Association (NEA), at the Software and Information Industry Association’s Ed-Tech Business Forum on Dec. 1.

At best, Sims said, current conditions will create the way for improvement, but it will be a “long stretch” of improvement until the economy has recovered fully.

If the economy’s rate of growth during recovery resembles its rate during previous economic recoveries and remains stable, the nation will not return to its pre-recession level of unemployment until December 2016, Sims predicted.

The nation is in a financial recession as opposed to an average recession, he said, and financial recessions are deeper and only recover at about half the rate of a normal recession.

Sims predicted that unemployment levels have not yet bottomed out and that the economy will see permanent effects from the recession.

“When you have a recession, you lose economic growth for a period of time, but when the recession’s over, you don’t get it back–[you have] lost incomes [and] lost investments,” Sims said.

“With education, we’ll see the same effect,” he added, pointing to per-pupil funding as one area that will continue to feel the recession’s impact.

Ed Muir, deputy director of research for the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), agreed. “There is a chance that we’re not going to get back to [the previous unemployment level of] 4.5 percent,” said Muir. “Unemployment, at this moment, is a key factor in preventing the economic recovery from taking shape.”

And slashing the unemployment rate is a key step in beating the recession.

“We’re at a critical point right now as far as whether or not we can get the recovery off the ground and sustain the momentum,” Muir said.

State deficits continue to rise

A November 2009 report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities indicated that states’ fiscal problems are so great that states might have to make additional deep budget cuts and tax increases in 2010.

Most states’ fiscal years begin on July 1, meaning states are already taking steps to plan their FY 2011 budgets. If states aren’t aware of additional federal fiscal relief, the report says, they will begin implementing new budget cuts and tax increases in the near future, and by the summer at the latest.

States will take steps to eliminate deficits for the 2011 fiscal year that, according to the report, “will likely take nearly a full percentage point off the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). That, in turn, could cost the economy 900,000 jobs next year.”

Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s, recently warned that this kind of state budgetary action “will be a serious drag on the economy at just the wrong time.”


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Girls reportedly account for more than half of the approximately 75 million children out of

school. Their fathers are for the most part the sole decision-makers about whether girls go to

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Win a grant to put toward the purchase a Vision6 Class Kit

Netop launched the Netop Get A Grant for Education (NGAGE) program to help educators struggling with shrinking budgets. Available through Dec. 31, 2009, this funding program provides financial support for schools to purchase an individual or site license for the Netop Vision6 Class Kit, the most popular classroom management software, proven to improve student achievement.
The Vision6 Class Kit is priced at $999, but with an NGAGE grant of $450, an educator would pay only $549 per lab. Schools can also receive grants of $1,600 for a site license, making Netop Vision6 more affordable.


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The Literacy Empowerment Foundation (LEF) is inviting school or other literacy projects to apply for free books for Read Across America Day. During the past year, LEF has distributed over 3,000,000 books to schools all across the country for Read Across America Day and other literacy projects. Resources are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Orders must be received by Feb. 12th, 2010.


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For-profit colleges face mounting scrutiny

Commercial schools continue to see rising stock prices despite a rash of bad news.

Commercial schools continue to see rising stock prices despite a rash of bad news.

Officials at for-profit colleges and universities are facing a chorus of public criticism after accusations of shady student recruiter practices and a U.S. Department of Education (ED) report that showed twice as many students at for-profit schools have defaulted on their college loans as students attending nonprofit and public colleges and universities.

The mounting criticism comes as new research suggests for-profit colleges are gaining market share among online learners as the recession drives more people back to school.

Students who took out loans to pay for education at commercial institutions such as the University of Phoenix and DeVry University had a 21-percent default rate within three years, according to the Dec. 14 ED report, which used data from students who began loan repayment in fiscal year 2007.

For-profit schools’ default rate in fiscal 2006 was 18 percent.

Overall, American college students defaulted at a 12-percent rate, up from 9 percent the year before.

The rising default rates could affect commercial universities’ government funding. Starting in 2012, schools that have a 30-percent loan default rate won’t be eligible for federal student aid programs.

For-profits hovering close to or beyond that 30-percent default mark include seven Kaplan University schools and 22 Everest College campuses, according to the government analysis.

Among the nation’s largest institutions, the government data indicate a three-year default rate of 15.9 percent at University of Phoenix and 17.1 percent at DeVry University.

About 5 percent of colleges and universities evaluated in the ED report had loan default rates of 30 percent or more. Eight out of 10 of those schools were commercial colleges.

The data do not include private student loans, just government-backed loans.

Harris Miller, president and CEO of the Career College Association, an organization that represents for-profit colleges, said the jump in default rates is symptomatic of a severe economic recession.

For-profit schools, he added, often accept more low-income students than public and nonprofit universities.

“If you accept low-income students, you’re going to have high default rates,” he said in an interview with the Associated Press. “It has nothing to do with whether you’re for-profit or not.”

For-profit recruitment practices draw fire

A day after ED released its report, Apollo Group Inc.—the University of Phoenix’s parent company—agreed to a $78.5 million settlement after a six-year court battle that started when former university employees filed a lawsuit claiming recruiters were paid based on the number of students they enrolled, a practice that violates federal law.

Apollo Group denied the former plaintiffs’ allegations, dismissing them as disgruntled former employees and claiming the school’s recruiting practices were within federal guidelines.

“This agreement not only brings closure to a long-running dispute and enables the company to avoid the uncertainty and further expense associated with protracted litigation, it opens the door for a more constructive partnership with our lead regulator, the U.S. Department of Education,” Charles B. Edelstein, Apollo’s co-CEO, said in a statement.


SIIA names top education market products

The Software and Information Industry Association recently recognized their top 10 Innovation Incubators.

The Software and Information Industry Association recently recognized 10 promising new education technologies.

The Livescribe Pulse Smartpen and the Waterford Assessment of Core Skills (WACS) have been named the top products in the Software and Information Industry Association’s (SIIA’s) Innovation Incubator program, which connects developers of promising new education technologies with industry leaders and established organizations.

The Pulse Smartpen took top spot as the most innovative education product or service, and WACS won as the most likely to succeed in the education market.

The two winning technologies received the honors during SIIA’s annual Ed Tech Business Forum in New York. They were two of 10 participants in the organization’s Innovation Incubator program, which recognizes innovative start-up companies, nonprofit groups, research and development agencies, and academic institutions.

The 29 applicants were assessed based on key selection criteria, including alignment to SIIA’s Vision K‐20 Benchmarks: 21st century tools, anytime/anywhere access, differentiated learning, assessment tools, and enterprise support.

“We are truly impressed by this year’s line-up in Innovation Incubator participants, and by those organizations that received Innovation Incubator Awards,” said Karen Billings, vice president for SIIA’s Education Division. “The more than 270 industry executives who attended the Ed Tech Business Forum in person and online this year believe these organizations will help lead innovation in developing the technology-rich learning opportunities educators need.”

Livescribe’s Pulse Smartpen not only records handwriting using a special dotted paper and a tiny camera attached to the pen, but records audio as well, developers say. (See “Digital pens: Mightier than MSWord?“)

“The competition was tough, and there were many exciting new technologies presented,” said Holly De Leon, Livescribe’s vice president of K-12 sales. “[The Pulse Smartpen] is a low-cost way to put technology into the hands of every student and teacher in all subject areas. It will allow [students] to learn in their own unique way—we are just providing them with the tool to allow that learning to happen in a more efficient manner.”


Qwest announces $25,000 in school technology grants

On Dec. 17, ten North Dakota teachers each were awarded $2,500 to implement new technology programs or projects in their classroom, In-Forum reports. The grants are from the Qwest Foundation, which provides funding for technology-related educational programs or projects. Fargo South High School teacher Denese Odegaard received one of the grants, which she’ll use to supply new laptops and integrated software to improve music theory and performance. West Fargo Cheney Middle School teacher Chad Anderson also received a grant for implementing a nanoscience unit…

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