Reminder: Join Tim Samaras Live Online – January 20

Video questions due by January 13
Curious about tornadoes and monster storms? Put your questions to a renowned tornado-chaser during this live online event with Host Researcher Tim Samaras!

Tim uses his knowledge of weather and a love of science to find and race alongside tornadoes, collecting valuable data to protect lives and property. In addition to his work in Operation: Monster Storms, Tim is a National Geographic Emerging Explorer and appears on the National Geographic Channel.

Tim will join us for a live Web-based chat on January 20, at 1 p.m. ET. He’ll be answering questions sent in before-hand from students around the world, so send us your video or text questions by January 13. Students will get a real “spark” of inspiration when their questions become part of the show! For classrooms unable to participate in the live chat, JASON will archive the broadcast for viewing shortly afterwards.

To learn more or submit questions, please visit, log into the JASON Mission Center, and click the Tim Samaras Live Event. If you have any questions about the live event, please email

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Learn more about Operation: Monster Storms

Note: Before viewing the live event, please be sure to test the computer you will use to watch the event to make sure it can play the live video. To test the event, visit the event testing page.

Power Up with Energy City!

Play JASON’s newest online game and learn what it takes to use energy wisely.

In Energy City, you’ll join Host Researcher Martin Keller of Oak Ridge National Lab to manage technologies and conservation strategies in six different challenge cities. Can you deliver electricity to a city while keeping costs low, protecting the environment, and satisfying your customers?
We’re calling all Argonauts to take on this challenge from Operation: Infinite Potential. Try it today and see if you can get a high score on the JASON Leaderboard!

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Join the Argo Adventure
Apply to Join the JASON National Argonaut Team!

We’re seeking a diverse, creative, and adventurous group of students and teachers to go into the field with JASON Host Researchers and a video production crew to perform cutting edge science explorations and be featured in upcoming curricula used in classrooms everywhere. These two-year internships include: 

Attending an Argonaut Boot Camp in mid-July, 2010 in Washington D.C. to prepare for field work
Working side by side with Host Researchers in the field, and completing a JASON Mission  Field Assignment around our next curriculum topics: Space, Climate, and Forces & Motion
Reviewing and refining JASON print and multimedia that highlight the Argonauts and their JASON experiences
Serving as mentors and science ambassadors, locally and worldwide
Regularly interact with the entire JASON community through speaking engagements, message board postings, web casts, pod casts, chats and more!
JASON will pay for all travel, lodging, food (meals and snacks), and programming/equipment costs related to JASON Argonaut activities over this time.

The application deadline is Friday, February 5. Argonaut selections will be finalized in April with the Argonaut experience beginning in mid-July.  Students should be 14 or 15 years old by June 1, 2010 to apply. Teachers need 5 years of classroom experience and continuation as an educator in 2010-2011.

For more information or to apply, visit the Argonaut Application page in the JASON Mission Center to download complete application guidelines, instructions and forms. If you haven’t been to the JASON Mission Center before, you can register now for free. Additional questions regarding the JASON National Argonaut program can be sent to

Apply to become an Argo now!

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Being a JASON Argonaut is hands-down the highlight of my life to date. The entire experience from being chosen, to boot camp, to the actual field study was life changing for me. I now view science in an incredibly different way. It is real and exciting! I not only learned a great deal about the science of Geology, but I learned to be more open-minded and the importance of asking questions and searching for answers. I met inspiring people who share an amazing passion for science. I am honored to be a part of something that challenges kids to bring out their full potential and opens their minds to the wonders of this magnificent planet!
Emily Judah
Student Argonaut

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