“I think many foundations are still cutting back on their grant dollar amounts and, in some cases, aren’t even offering new competitions for the time being and only supporting ongoing grantees,” said Ward, whose monthly column in eSchool News helps educators navigate the grant-seeking landscape successfully. “I expect this will probably continue through 2010.”

Although the influx of stimulus money has boosted the amount of federal funding available for school technology and other education projects, Ward said she has heard from some federal funders that “the competition is extremely fierce, and they are receiving much larger numbers of applications than they anticipated.

For teachers hoping to continue applying for grant funding, Granted! author Taylor said they should spend time learning how to make their proposals stand out.

“To improve their proposals, those seeking grants should spend some time learning about grant writing before they begin any application process. In addition, they should be willing to seek a smaller award. If they are successful, that smaller award may offer leverage to win additional, smaller awards from other grant-giving entities,” she said.


“Granted! A Teacher’s Guide to Writing and Winning Classroom Grants”

Deb Ward’s monthly Grants & Funding column in eSchool News