Commentary: A new era in school district leadership

Strong school district leadership is essential for technology-based reforms to take root, which is why we established our awards program 10 years ago to give school systems a model to emulate. To support the development of tech-savvy education leaders, we also created a Superintendent’s Center at eSN Online, which includes news stories and other resources to help district leaders learn how best to use technology in support of their goals.

In our Superintendent’s Center, you can find short video clips with more information about this year’s award winners and their ed-tech accomplishments.

These include one-to-one computing programs that are turning classrooms into student-centered learning labs and boosting achievement; a technology incentive program that is raising the graduation rate and closing the digital divide; live streaming of school board meetings online, and other efforts to engage stakeholders in school district activities; and the creation of an online-learning program that has solved the challenge of declining student enrollment.

If the nominations for this year’s awards were any indication, chances are your own superintendent is leading similar successful initiatives. To nominate your superintendent for next year’s awards, click here.

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