One-to-one computing programs only as effective as their teachers

They continue by noting that “laptop computers [would not be] technological tools; rather, [they would be] cognitive tools that are holistically integrated into the teaching and learning processes of their school.”

But even with the right tools, professional development, planning, and student input, the journal’s editors and researchers, as well as other experts, agree that changing teaching practices through 1-to-1 computing programs will take time.

Tammy Stephens, CEO of the Stephens Group LLC, a private investment firm, is working on a dissertation that focuses on the evolution of transformational communication patterns in 1-to-1 computing environments. She has been evaluating a 1-to-1 program in the Milwaukee Public Schools for the past three years.

According to Stephens, changing teaching practices to incorporate 21st-century skills with laptops “is definitely an evolution, and it takes time for teacher practices to evolve.”


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