From proposed plan to implemented program

New standards

Building an efficient infrastructure will require the creation of a standard system for technology platforms. If all of the companies developing innovative technologies for the classroom are “speaking the same language,” it will be that much easier for the developers of infrastructure to embrace the next great innovation, thereby improving efficiency and lowering costs overall. We then will be able to spend more time focusing on helping teachers, students, and parents, rather than working to understand how to incorporate changes across the education markets we serve.

To take this plan from a proposal to an actionable program, we need to promote collaboration among key stakeholders to discuss technology platform standards, innovations, research and development, teacher support, and more. We must create a sizable and stable market in which all educational stakeholders can plan and invest. At the same time, we need to allow private industry to do what it does best–innovate and collaborate with other companies, the government, instructors, parents, and students. If American education follows this course, we can reclaim our leadership position in the global economy.

Peter C. Davis is the president of McGraw-Hill Education.

Laura Ascione

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