“Over the last six months, since installing our Proliphix energy control solution, we slashed our natural gas consumption by 45 percent, reduced our electrical usage by 20 percent and saved more than 100 man hours,” said Crawford.  “We found an easy-to-deploy energy saving solution that grows with us and saves a tremendous amount of money.”

“The biggest lesson learned here is that there are far more affordable energy saving options out there,” Radke said. “Simple high-tech solutions can go a long way to save energy and reduce expenses.”

Nearly every school is spending more on energy costs than it needs to.  By having the means to properly manage scheduled energy use to efficiently maintain a comfortable environment, and being able to quickly identify situations that cause wasteful energy consumption before they turn into serious problems, schools can quickly put significant energy costs back into the education of their classes.

Walter Dray is the president of Proliphix and has more than 30 years of experience in the data communication and telecommunication industries with experience spanning electronic product design and development to engineering and executive management. Walter has a BS in electrical engineering from the University of Lowell in Lowell, Mass., and an MS in electrical engineering from Northeastern University in Boston, Mass.