Planning on taking your new iPad to the beach or a cozy park bench? If so, you might want to consider bringing along a visor for both you and your computer, reports a Yahoo tech blog. Stories are starting to trickle in from iPad owners who say their glossy new tablets are going into a high-temperature-triggered sleep mode after being out in the sun for too long—more than an hour in one case, or just 10 minutes in another. There’s nothing particularly unique about the iPad overheating in the sun; in general, most tech gadgets will get a little faint if left out in the sun too long, and as the Cult of Mac points out, the iPad has precisely the same suggested operating temperatures (between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit) as the iPhone. However, it “appears that the iPad’s size and speed make it a lot more likely to shut off due to internal temperature,” Cult of Mac warns, and given that Apple is pushing its tablet as an eReader device, it seems likely that plenty of users will be tempted to take their tablets to the beach…

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