New network connectivity, mounting options and pre-programming ease installation and setup

WOODBURY, Minn. – Apr. 13, 2010 – Calypso Systems, a leading developer of multimedia technology solutions for K-12 classrooms, today unveiled an array of product updates for its ezRoom packages, Calypso’s most affordable, flexible and complete classroom A/V solutions. The updates include new bundled hardware packages, expanded network connectivity and new mounting options. Also, ezRoom packages are now delivered with a pre-programmed master file for easier physical installation and system configuration.

“We know that classroom technology is most effective when it’s affordable and easy for teachers to use,” said David Parish, chief executive officer for Calypso Systems. “With these new updates to the ezRoom packages, schools can take command over all the ezRoom multimedia tools in their classrooms without hours of training, troubleshooting or frustration, at a price that’s appropriate for K-12 budgets.”

Greater flexibility with integrated add-ons, new mounting options
The new ezRoom packages offer more choices and enhanced functionality, giving teachers and administrators simpler, more direct control over all networked and non-networked classroom devices.

Calypso has added the CM-3000, a networked media controller/amplifier, and the CB-2000, a networked button panel wall controller, to the ezRoom packages. Both of these units provide for expanded networked control of A/V devices in the classroom and programmed files can now be loaded over the network. No longer will school technology teams and installers need to manually program ezRoom systems.

All of the new ezRoom models provide maximum classroom functionality and flexibility with networked wall-mount controllers and encore desktop control software, as well as remote diagnostic software for on-going management. The new 5300 and 2300 models will come with the CM-3000 networked media controller/amplifier enabling expanded network capabilities and an option to add IP-based public addresses, bell-tones and emergency communications systems in the future. Similar networked solutions designed for corporate settings can cost thousands, but ezRoom systems are designed exclusively for K-12 classrooms, with a price to fit within tight budgets.

New ezRoom mounting options further simplify system installation and setup. With an A/V ceiling plate now available as a standard mounting option, school technology integrators have more choices for a variety of mounted hardware configurations. When installed, the A/V plate can rest on the ceiling tile grid above the tile or can be configured to fit in a Premier UNI-STA or UNI-EXT short-throw projector mount. In either case, the A/V plate is completely out of sight when installed. Calypso also offers a low-profile wall mounted box – a good option for classrooms with hard ceilings where installing a ceiling mounted projector is not possible, or where a flat-panel screen with no projector may be in use. To meet the needs of all customers, more traditional ceiling mounted A/V boxes are still an available option.

The new ezRoom systems are currently available. Learn more about Calypso Systems and the new ezRoom product enhancements at

New ezRoom Packages
Calypso’s current ezRoom 5000 and 1000 packages will be replaced by the ezRoom 5000 series, which include 5300 and 5100 models, and the ezRoom 2000 series, which include the 2300 and 2100 models.

ezRoom 5000 Series

5300: Key components include CB-5000 touch-panel controller, CM-3000 network audio controller

5100: Key components include CB-5000 touch panel controller, CA-1000 amplifier

ezRoom 2000 Series

2300: Key components include CB-2000 button panel controller, CM-3000 network audio controller

2100: Key components include CB-2000 button panel controller, CA-1000 amplifier

About Calypso
Calypso Systems, headquartered in Woodbury, Minn., is a manufacturer of a full range of open architecture control, user interface, audio, microphone and connectivity products designed to create integrated classroom solutions for teachers, students and administrators. Calypso products are sold exclusively through commercial audio-video electronics dealers throughout North America and around the world.

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