It’s a tricky little issue: What if you designed a piece of hardware and were also the only one who sold the software for it? Yahoo News reports that you’d basically have to work twice as hard at sales to get the job done. That’s the problem Amazon is now grappling with regarding the Kindle. While Amazon is a huge retailer (it just hit #100 on the Fortune 500), it’s still a dwarf compared with the big mainstream retail outfits like Walmart, and with no physical stores where people can actually try out the device, its clout is ultimately limited. To make the Kindle into a hit, Amazon’s got a lot of heavy lifting to do, promoting both the reader and the eBooks for it, both of which can only be purchased at one place. That may be about to change: Amazon may soon begin selling the Kindle through other retailers, particularly Target. (I’ve heard Best Buy mentioned in whispers as well.)…

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