CALGARY, Alberta — April 26, 2010 — SMART Technologies announces its latest software upgrade for the SMART Response interactive response system line of products. SMART Response 2010 assessment software includes a number of new features designed to enhance the SMART Response user experience. The update will improve compatibility with EXAMVIEW® Test Generator by eInstruction™, enabling teachers to import EXAMVIEW files directly into a SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software lesson activity to deliver assessments through SMART Response. Educators will also be able to upload results into third-party gradebooks, including PowerTeacher® by Pearson, GradeSpeed Gradebook by Schoolnet®, and more.
The SMART Response assessment software upgrade provides further support for formative assessments, giving teachers immediate and accurate insight into student comprehension. The software upgrade will allow teachers to preview student performance before final answers have been submitted, providing visibility into how the class is doing while an assessment is in progress. In addition to the SMART Response 2010 assessment software upgrade, SMART recently released a SMART Response software development kit (SDK) that will enable third-party assessment solution providers to create software that integrates with SMART Response hardware. A number of third-party providers, including Study Island by Archipelago Learning and Assessment Center by CORE K12 Education, are using the SMART Response SDK. Archipelago Learning expects Study Island to be compatible with SMART Response in summer 2010. For more information on the SMART Response SDK, visit
“Using SMART Response interactive response system in the classroom enables teachers to gain immediate insight into student comprehension,” says Nancy Knowlton, SMART’s CEO. “The enhancements offered by the SMART Response software upgrade will provide more insight into student thought processes and make tracking assessments easier.”
SMART Response 2010 assessment software features
EXAMVIEW compatibility – Quickly and seamlessly import EXAMVIEW questions, quizzes and assessments into SMART Notebook software to deliver through SMART Response
Question import – Import questions from third-party question banks, Microsoft® Word® (Windows® only), HTML, or PDF (Mac only)
Improved results export – Export results in text (.csv) format for further analysis, or upload into third-party gradebooks, including PowerTeacher by Pearson, GradeSpeed Gradebook by Schoolnet, and more
Preview question results – Teachers can view student progress during assessments before final answers have been submitted
Mixed mode – Students can use different SMART Response clicker models in the same classroom and during the same assessment
Enhanced reporting function – Quickly and easily export student results to a text file, Microsoft Excel® and third-party gradebooks to compile reports for analysis at the school, district and state level
Teacher Tools – Teachers can quickly and easily adjust grades for the class by viewing all unique submitted answers for each question and selecting acceptable answers. This is ideal for open-ended questions and advanced math equations
SMART Notebook integration – Fully integrates with SMART Notebook software

The SMART Response 2010 assessment software upgrade will be available for download from the SMART website in summer 2010.

The SMART Response interactive response system product line
• The SMART Response LE interactive response system is designed for learners in early education and students with special needs. SMART Response LE features simple and colorful remotes that enable students to respond to a variety of question types using easy-to-understand symbols.
• The SMART Response PE interactive response system is designed for most K–12 classrooms and includes remotes with text entry, allowing students to submit text answers up to 20 characters
• The SMART Response XE interactive response system is designed to meet the specific needs of secondary students and features full QWERTY keyboard remotes that support advanced math expressions and scientific functions. SMART Response XE will be available in summer 2010 and will ship with SMART Response 2010 assessment software.
• SMART Response CE interactive response system is designed for computer-enabled learning environments and enables students to respond directly from their own computers
• SMART Response VE interactive response system beta is a browser-based assessment tool designed for use on Internet-enabled devices, including the iPhone, BlackBerry®, iPod Touch, and a home computer or laptop. The beta download of SMART Response VE will be available in summer 2010.

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