CALGARY, Alberta — April 23, 2010 — SMART Technologies announces the next generation SMART Document Camera. The SMART Document Camera 330 enables teachers to quickly and effortlessly display and capture physical content on their SMART Board™ interactive whiteboards and other SMART products. Like the earlier SMART Document Camera 280, the 330 is fully integrated with SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software and enables teachers to capture static images within their SMART Notebook lesson activities. Without interrupting the flow of a lesson, teachers can display any object, manipulate the captured images in the SMART Notebook lesson, and then save the images to the SMART Notebook Gallery for later use and review. Teachers and students can use digital ink to write over images directly within a SMART Notebook page, keeping students engaged and focused on the content at hand. The SMART Document Camera 330 will be available globally in June 2010.
Using the SMART Document Camera, teachers and students can display and share minute details of objects with the entire class, including slides viewed from a classroom microscope. A new capture button on the SMART Document Camera enables teachers to instantly capture images to a SMART Notebook file. Because users can control the SMART Document Camera directly from SMART Notebook software, there is no need to leave a SMART Notebook lesson activity and open another application or to become familiar with additional software, saving valuable class and preparation time. The SMART Document Camera 330 also features a new design that allows it to fold flat, making it easy to share between classrooms and store when not in use. Like the earlier SMART Document Camera 280, the 330 integrates seamlessly with the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, SMART Table™ interactive learning center, SMART Slate™ wireless slate and SMART Podium™ interactive pen display.
“Students often attain a greater understanding of concepts when lessons can be supported with digital content,” says Nancy Knowlton, SMART’s CEO. “The new SMART Document Camera 330 effectively bridges the gap between physical and digital content, enabling teachers and students to incorporate physical objects into their SMART Notebook lesson activities more easily, and to explore them in a vivid and engaging way.”
SMART Notebook software integration – Get one-touch access to the SMART Document Camera menu via SMART Notebook software and the SMART Board interactive whiteboard
Capture to SMART Notebook – Quickly and easily capture images to a new page within your SMART Notebook lesson activity
SMART Document Camera menu in SMART Notebook software – Use one menu to control screen capture, image magnification, image brightness, auto focus and image focus
Simple connection – Connect with the classroom computer via a USB port
Flexible viewing options – Rotate the SMART Document Camera’s head and arm to enable easy viewing from multiple angles
Lightweight – Weighs only 7.6 lb. (3.5 kg)
Portable – Fold-flat design enables easy transportation and storage
Improved frame rate – Features a maximum frame rate of 30 fps
Multiple connectivity options – Easily connect the SMART Document Camera to classroom projectors, monitors and flat-panel displays via DVI-D, VGA and composite connections
Sharp and detailed zoom – 5.2x optical zoom and 8.0x digital zoom provide vivid static and moving images
Output resolutions – SXGA, WXGA, 720p and XGA
SMART product integration – Seamlessly integrates with the full range of SMART hardware products, including the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, SMART Table interactive learning center, SMART Slate wireless slate and SMART Podium interactive pen display
Pricing and availability
The suggested education list price for the SMART Document Camera 330 is US$799. The suggested list price in all other countries incorporates applicable taxes, duties and import costs. Information on suggested education list price is available from local authorized SMART resellers. The SMART Document Camera 330 is expected to begin shipping globally in June 2010. For purchasing information, specifications and a list of SMART authorized resellers, visit

Download a rendered image of the SMART Document Camera 330.
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