Apple and Team up for Education Conference

If you’re a teacher, administrator, or student interested in educational technology, there’s an event to check out: Apple and are co-sponsoring a virtual conference, AcademiX 2010, on the use of Apple products and technology in education, PCWorld reports. To be held on Friday, May 14, it’s the second year of AcademiX. The actual presentations will occur at Northwestern University and MIT. Six campuses will hold a Webcast of the conference, but you can register and view the talks from anywhere if you’re online. AcademiX 2010 includes six 20-minute talks about changes in education, best teaching practices, open access, podcasting and mobile learning, distance education, and innovations in research and scholarship., organized by faculty and staff from a number of universities, is a community that promotes the open exchange of ideas about pedagogy and Apple technologies. Besides the two physical locations for AcademiX 2010, six campuses will offer a live stream: Duke, Princeton, San Diego State, the University of Kansas, the University of Minnesota, and the University of New Mexico.

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