At YouTube, Adolescence Begins at 5

Early this year, the most popular YouTube video of all time–a 2007 clip of a British toddler gleefully biting the finger of his older brother–was supplanted by a brash newcomer, the New York Times reports. The upstart was Lady Gaga’s slithering, sci-fi-themed music video for her hit single “Bad Romance.” The shift was symbolic: YouTube, a subsidiary of the search giant Google, is growing up. Once known primarily for skateboard-riding cats, dancing geeks and a variety of cute-baby high jinks, YouTube now features a smorgasbord of more professional video that is drawing ever larger and more engaged audiences. “Our biggest challenge is making sure we don’t taste too many things,” Chad Hurley, YouTube’s low-profile and low-key co-founder and chief executive, said in a wide-ranging interview last week…

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