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Sky makes it easy for teachers and effective for districts to make every classroom a 21st century classroom

Austin, Texas. — April 16, 2010 — Districts are struggling with tough budget choices and difficult cutbacks, while at the same time facing increasing pressure to improve teacher quality and student achievement. today announces Sky, a digital learning environment that supports districts to make the most of their limited resources, and support teachers and engage students with 21st century learning experiences.

Sky’s unique design enables districts to fully maximize their digital resources without the complexity that – until now – has frustrated teachers and often left administrators unclear about what works and what doesn’t to improve student learning. Sky transforms the way districts access, assemble and distribute to teachers any Web-based resources into customized curricula, and meet accountability and reporting requirements aligned to state standards and their own district goals.

The announcement is being made today by CEO William J. Kelly at a special event in Austin, Texas. Kelly chose Texas for the announcement because the state is the site of’s first customer, and because Texas is a pacesetter in integrating 21st century skills into teaching and learning.

With Sky, districts literally give teachers the gift of time by freeing them from many of the administrative tasks that take them away from teaching. Sky offers teachers one password (single sign-on) access to all district digital resources, and collaboration features so teachers connect with students, parents and even with other teachers in professional learning communities.

“We’re making it easy for teachers and districts to customize and deliver Web-delivered resources in the way that works best for them and their students,” says Kelly, who founded in 1999. “Sky eliminates for teachers the difficulty and time spent on administrative tasks like curriculum setup and class management, leaving more time for teaching.”

Districts also can understand what resources work – with reports that provide insight into what digital resources teachers are using, and what the results are with their students. Districts can save resources by investing in and using those teaching resources that support student learning, and can target their scarce professional development dollars where they’re needed most. Additionally, districts can import test data, including from state tests, to understand best where the gaps in learning are, and Sky can provide prescriptive recommendations to meet those gaps.

All current customers receive immediate access to Sky, a $2 per-student, per-year value. For a demonstration of Sky’s capabilities, and to learn more, visit



Founded in 1999, helps K‐12 teachers and administrators improve student performance through the Sky digital learning environment, and our Web‐delivered curriculum and assessment products. Sky’ teacher‐friendly design streamlines teacher prep and makes individualized instruction simple. Sky enables districts to use any Web resources to make every classroom a 21st century classroom. Learn more about our award–‐winning supplemental curricula that supports instruction in STEM, math, science and technology literacy, and our full suite of assessments for 21st century skills and tech literacy at or call 800‐580‐4640.

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