New Visions for public schools

After Acumen Solutions successfully implemented for New Visions, the client was able to:
Collectively organize their school and student information including:
•    school-level data snapshots
•    school quality reviews
•    school progress reports
•    graduation rates
•    Regents exam scores
•    Grant information
•    Teacher experience data

Track organizational services and initiatives across schools including:
•    Workplan Goals through defined strands of methodologies and processes
•    Activities from every professional touching a school including school visit dates, notes, next steps, and observations
•    Workshops and Professional Development series attended by school staff and self reported evaluation
•    School Support Center help desk Cases that a school submits to resolve bureaucratic and operational challenges while creating a knowledge base for proactive support

•    Target overdue dates  or “off track” work activities
•    Monitor trends with school level data surfacing isolated links and fractures of support
•    Determine effective practices and programs based on student achievement data (emerging)

From a business model, the critical advantage of their implementation is that management can now make informed organizational decisions based on reports and dashboards grounded in data.  Through the systematic collection of school, student, and organizational activity data, management can firmly see where there are holes, missing links, and poor service offerings and consequently reallocate resources.  They are now able to systematically identify challenges in their programs and services and quickly revise and respond to needs of their schools.

From a nonprofit model, New Visions is now more effectively servicing their 35,000 plus students.  Through grounded knowledge of what services are provided, systematic and streamlined approaches, reporting, and identified best practices, New Visions continues to empower school leaders and teaching staff to realize their mission, and 80 percent of their graduating high school students are ready for college or career.

Chad Vignola is the vice president of operations at New Visions. He can be reached at:

Laura Ascione

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