The 21st century classroom

Students at each school have the opportunity to showcase their intelligence and acknowledge that diverse populations have academic commonalities.  Teachers make real-life connections and elaborate according to the real-time feedback.  When disparaging responses are evident, teachable moments are apparent and in-depth instruction takes place.

As the lesson comes to a close, both teachers minimize the TurningPoint presentation and maximize the video component of Skype to actively engage in student self-reflection.  Each student speaks to the camera for a brief introduction and to reflect by participating in a “Think, Pair, Share” conversation.  This promotes relationship building between children from different backgrounds, allows the opportunity to establish and maintain a positive rapport among students within the school district, and reinforces the aspect of audibly reviewing essential points from the lesson.

Using Interwrite, Skype, TurningPoint, and more, Carrier and Stovall have discovered that interactive technology tools provide an avenue to engage student learning and to expand beyond the four walls of their classroom. Students in Bowling Green, Ky. are interacting with peers from various cultural backgrounds, building relationships, and are engaged in student learning.  Plus, student assessment is more readily available, efficient, authentic, and valid.

As the world evolves, educators must also evolve and prepare classrooms to reach all students.  Schools must embrace technology and the endless opportunities that it provides to promote 21st century skills, enhance student learning, and build relationships.

YouTube Classroom Video

The Bowling Green Independent School District is located in the downtown area of Bowling Green, in south central Kentucky. Currently serving approximately 3,800 students in seven schools, the district strives to lead the way in education for all students, and encourages and recognizes distinction in every field of human endeavor.

Laura Ascione

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