Software could ease pain of Windows 7 migration

If users accidentally upload malicious software, “this addition is separated in its own layer, and IT can simply remove that layer,” he said.

Already, schools and universities such as Georgia Northwestern Technical College, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), and Peach County Schools in Georgia are realizing the benefits of using Bridge 2.0, such as cost and time savings.

“InstallFree made it possible for us to migrate our environment to Windows 7,” said Dennis Thomas, information systems director of Georgia Northwest Technical College.

“We had many critical desktop and web-based applications that were not compatible with Windows 7. InstallFree enabled us to virtualize our Windows XP applications and then deploy them without any changes to Windows 7. For our web applications, InstallFree made it possible for us to run them using virtualized versions of Internet Explorer 6 and 7 on Windows 7. Without using InstallFree, we would not have been able to complete our migration project as planned.”

InstallFree Bridge is available for free evaluation, either by downloading the software or by using InstallFree’s new online Hands-On Lab, which enables users to test the product “in the cloud.” Users can register for the evaluation on the InstallFree web site.

The company also has announced a limited-time promotional discount to help customers get a jump-start on their Windows 7 migration projects.

Said Yaffe: “It’s really less about this whole concept of virtualization than it is about the question: ‘How do I make my applications work?’ It’s more about how technology can solve a very painful problem.”



Georgia Northwestern Technical College

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Peach County Schools

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