Oklahoma City, June 2, 2010: The American Education Corporation (AEC) – publisher of the A+nyWhere Learning System® (A+LS™), A+® LearningLink™, and A+® Classroom Student Response Software™ – announced today that it has released A+® VLabs™: Science Pack 1, the first component in a series of new interactive high school virtual laboratories that can be used as a stand-alone application or incorporated into the high school science content of the A+nyWhere Learning System courseware program.

Science Pack 1 provides an exciting way for educators to engage students and present science concepts and experiments without the cost or safety concerns of traditional science labs. The experiments are fully interactive, allow for scientific exploration by students, and can be used by a teacher to demonstrate important scientific principles to an entire class. Students observe, record, and enter data using methods similar to live laboratories. All content is based on state and national standards for secondary-level science and science labs.

In Science Pack 1, students experience eleven interactive experiments covering Boyle’s Law, Charles’s Law, Circuit Building, Investigating a Convex Lens, Distance-Time Graphing, Electromagnetic Induction, Simple Harmonic Oscillators, Inclined Planes, Reactions and Rates, Solubility of Salts, and Wave Interference. Each module includes student objectives, curriculum content, tutorial instructions for experiment preparation and completion, the virtual experiments themselves, and an online quiz and/or a printable worksheet.

Science Pack 1 virtual laboratory content correlates to and complements A+nyWhere Learning System grade 9-12 science courses and can be assigned upon completion of specific A+LS lessons for concept reinforcement.

A+ VLabs: Math Pack 1 will release over the summer, followed by subsequent Science and Math Packs that are currently in development.

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