Going green with multimedia

The students observed that we were throwing away too much trash in the lunch room as well. This observation, along with a great deal of research, promoted the soil production project at Coastal Ridge Elementary School. Each pod, or group of 4 classrooms, now has worm bins outside their doors. There are also a couple worm bins in the lunch room. These worm bins are used to break down biodegradable trash with the help of some hungry worms, and produce very fertile soil. Our hope is to build a greenhouse outside of the school this summer and plant vegetables to help make our school lunch program more sustainable.

Something as simple as cutting down on printing projects has truly inspired a revolution here in York. The students have found new enthusiasm and a real world connection with many of these projects. There is a great sense of pride not only in the finished products, but also in knowing they are helping their community. What types of “green” projects have you been working on in your schools?

Eric Lawson is a technology integration specialist with the York School District in York, Maine.

Laura Ascione

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