i>clicker Helps Students Practice for Timed Tests with Immediate Feedback

New York, NY, June 9, 2010 – Like it or not, timed state achievement tests are a way of life for our nation’s students. As the classroom transforms into a more active learning environment, teachers around the country are increasingly using a new interactive tool – i>clicker’s student response system – to help prepare students for timed standardized tests in a way that is both effective and fun. i>clicker’s reliable, easy-to-use system has been adopted by teachers from New York to Houston to California.

The i>clicker wireless response system allows students to quickly answer questions posed by their teacher in class, using a simple 6-button device. i>clicker also allows teachers to poll students and set a digital countdown for their responses. Teachers can elect to poll students anonymously or link each clicker to a student for later grading and points assignment. i>clicker works just as seamlessly for classes of 10 as it does for classes of 100, allowing everyone to participate.

“Since most of the math tests I give are open-ended, the students are unfamiliar with the format used by standardized tests for math placement. i>clicker allows the students to practice with timed multiple-choice questions to learn strategies to taking these tests successfully,” said Michelle Brooks, a private school math teacher at St. Anne Middle School, Laguna Niguel, California. “Although I still make them show all their work, for immediate assessment, the i>clicker works wonders.”

According to Ray Jackson, English Teacher, Houston Independent School District, “One of my first experiences with i>clicker was with a class of younger students. When it came to reading to prepare for the standardized tests, they just weren’t with me. But, when I put the i>clicker remotes in their hands, it was amazing to see the difference. They would actually read through the material and debate the answers to the questions. Most of all, when the bell rang, they didn’t want to leave my class.”

Instead of treating students as passive absorbers of information, clickers encourage students to actively participate in the learning experience. And, clickers provide instructors with ongoing feedback on their students’ understanding of the course content, so they know what material needs more review. Although standardized tests are currently a way of life for our nation’s students, clickers can make the experience more interactive and more fun.

“Taking timed standardized tests with multiple choice questions can be tricky,” said Renee Altier, general manager of i>clicker. “Our mission is to create products with superior reliability and ease-of-use that engage students and help them achieve while playing an active role in their own learning. We are delighted that i>clicker can help teachers prepare students for state standardized tests while also making the classroom environment more active.”

About i>clicker:
i>clicker is a division of the Macmillan New Ventures Group, which is dedicated to building and supporting educational technology solutions that foster active learning, as well as facilitate the measurement and personalization of learning. i>clicker is one of the most widely used classroom response systems in higher education, adopted at more than 900 educational institutions in North America and used by over 1 million students. Invented in 2003 by four University of Illinois professors, i>clicker is recognized for its superior reliability, intuitive software, and focus on formative assessment and pedagogy. For more information, visit www.iclicker.com.

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