11trees.com LLC, a maker of eLearning efficiency tools, has released an enhanced version of its revolutionary grading product, Annotate for Word PRO. This add-in for Microsoft Word speeds up grading time while offering several ways to raise the quality of in-text feedback teachers provide. Annotate for Word PRO Version 2 includes over 70 pre-written comments on a wide range of issues, from grammar and style to both MLA and APA citation formatting—and the feedback is framed in a questioning, nonjudgmental style.

The pivotal enhancement of this new version is that all comments are now fully customizable. Not only can teachers edit the pre-written material to respond more precisely to a particular student, but they can easily create a repository of more than 200 of their own comments tailored to address various assignments, and they can add each comment to a document with a single click.

The software improves on Microsoft Word’s Comment interface by making the feedback easier to read and edit, and it also encourages teachers to offer positive as well as corrective comments. Hundreds of teachers have used Annotate for Word PRO to automate their writing feedback, and enthusiastic reviews—some of which are posted on the 11trees web site—have been filling the company’s inbox since the product first launched. Because Annotate for Word PRO is built right into Microsoft Word, instructors don’t need to learn new software; they simply collect students’ work electronically, then open the documents to add the clear, helpful comments, many of which include links to the Purdue Online Writing Lab and other valuable web resources. According to Bob Finegan, VP Sales, “Annotate PRO V2 fulfills the long-held vision of many teachers: easy, efficient plain-English commenting on student work.”

The new version of Annotate PRO also includes the 11trees Writers’ Toolkit, a Microsoft Word add-in for students which offers a broad array of resources for all stages of the composition process, from research to rhetorical form to grammar, style and documentation. While the two products can be used independently, they have been designed for optimal synergistic effects when the Annotate-equipped instructor is teaching students who use the Writers’ Toolkit.

Instructors can try the full version of Annotate PRO free of charge for 30 days. Individual licenses are $45, and volume discounts are also available. http://www.11trees.com

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