Schools Can Combine Increased Student Performance with Greater School Security
Hyannis, MA – June 28, 2010 – RM Education, the U.S. division of RM, a world-wide supplier of technology-based curriculum products for education, announced today the launch of the RM SecureAudio system.

The RM SecureAudio System is a full-featured classroom audio enhancement system that incorporates a security alert function, enabling teachers to signal an alert with a single button in any emergency situation. The button is inconspicuously located on the teacher’s teardrop microphone which, when pressed, will activate a silent alarm that continues to broadcast until the microphone is turned off and beacons the alert wherever the teacher goes. The alert can activate a security camera and provide visual surveillance of the room, and send e-mails with pictures attached.

In addition to the security alert system, RM SecureAudio is a high-quality audio system, with a True Stereo Amplifier providing 50 Watts total output power. The teacher microphone features a remote volume control that allows the teacher to adjust the volume level on the system. The teacher has independent control of the auxiliary input level, the 2nd microphone in the room, and his or her own level, as well as Selectable Teacher Voice Muting, which allows the teacher to mute the auxiliary inputs when they are talking.

“Audio enhancement in the classroom is proven to increase student achievement, reduce teacher absenteeism, and save districts money,” said Kevin Pawsey, Chief Executive, of RM’s U.S. division. “Now, with our new SecureAudio System, RM is addressing another critical issue in today’s schools – security. In most school incidents the school’s staff is the first responder. We want to make sure that schools have the tools they need to ensure the safety of their students and their staff. The RM SecureAudio System is designed to help classroom teachers, who are generally isolated, whether the crisis is an attack, a custodial situation, an accident or a student behavioral issue.”

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About RM: Founded in 1973, in Oxford, England, RM is a world-wide leader in development of outstanding educational tools, technologies and services that engage students and inspire learning. RM is one of Europe’s largest and most respected suppliers of technology-based curriculum products for education, supplying thousands of schools in six different countries including the United States. RM Education is the United States division of RM and is located in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

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