A company called SocialShield has launched new technology aimed at keeping children and teens safe on social networking sites like Facebook, ReadWriteWeb reports. Using patent-pending “Safety Engines,” the service scans a child’s social networking profile to look for inappropriate, dangerous, or otherwise suspicious content or behavior. When it finds questionable material, parents are alerted immediately via eMail. SocialShield works across a number of sites, including popular outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. But it also supports several other social networks available today, like MySpace, Flickr, Photobucket, and more. Also included in the $99-a-year service are tools such as cyber-bullying detection and reputation management. For instance, parents are alerted if their child is a victim of cyber bullying (or is the bully), and the service even goes so far as to assist the parents of victims in identifying the cyber bully, documenting the problem incident, and reporting the bully to a school, his or her parents, and law enforcement, if necessary. The service’s launch comes on the heels of a Facebook partnership with the National PTA, which has partnered with SocialShield in announcing the product…

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