First grammar apps built specifically for college students, professionals and English learners

BOSTON, June 21, 2010—Is it who or whom? What words do I need to capitalize? When do I use a comma? These questions and more are tackled in Pearson’s new GrammarPrep app series, the first apps designed specifically to help college students, professionals and English learners quickly and easily improve their writing skills.

News Facts

• Pearson’s GrammarPrep apps are the first-ever grammar apps from an educational publisher, featuring proven, educational-quality content
• Rich multimedia tools, including video tutorials and podcasts, teach users to recognize and correct common grammatical errors
• Quizzes and practice tests assess skills and learning
• “High Scores” tracker lets users easily gauge progress
• GrammarPrep apps available now: Pronouns, Subjects and Verbs, and Commas
• GrammarPrep apps coming soon: Quotation Marks, Apostrophes, Capitalization, Misplaced Modifiers, Wrong Word, Parallelism and Fragments, Run-Ons and Comma Splices
• Pearson’s GrammarPrep apps are available for $2.99 from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

Useable Quote

“Pearson’s new GrammarPrep apps are a great resource for both students and non-students looking to quickly improve their writing skills, which are essential to academic and professional success,” said Roth Wilkofsky, President of English, Communications and Political Science at Pearson.

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