SiteofWeek063010A new site that launched last month,, aims to simplify online safety by helping parents guard their children’s online safety, identity, and reputation. The fee-based service monitors the web to deliver reports and immediate alerts on irregularities and dangers associated with kids’ and teens’ online activity, giving parents an opportunity to intervene if they suspect their kids’ safety, identity, or online reputation is at risk. With children using cell phones, laptops, iPads, and friends’ computers to go online, the service monitors what social networks children are using, rather than the device itself. By delivering reports informing parents what their kids are doing online (such as posting comments, videos, and pictures), as well as what is being said about them online, the service gives parents the ability to define acceptable online behavior for their family. SafetyWeb was founded by Michael Clark and Geoffrey Arone, who have worked on web sites that service more than 200 million register users combined; as an entrepreneurial engineer behind Photobucket, Clark prevented millions of questionable photos and videos from being posted online.

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Jeff Festa