No failure to communicate: School-wide communication systems for the 21st century

We see our jobs as integral to the education process, and we believe technology has a huge impact on academic outcomes. Engaging students and inspiring them to learn is the raison d’etre behind everything we do, whether it’s installing cable or buying new projectors. We expect our technology partners to share our vision for the role technology plays in Warsaw Community Schools. No matter how many digital devices you have in the classroom, and no matter how well connected your schools might be, what matters most is figuring out the most effective ways to use these tools.

Fortunately, our technology partners share this vision and commitment, and it shows in their thoughtful product designs and dedicated sales representatives. Our technology has to perform well for the lowest possible price. But during this project, we never felt as if we were being “sold” a solution –we always felt our vendors were true partners in the process.

Like all good students, we never want to stop learning about new solutions to old challenges. Whenever someone thinks they have everything figured out, we like to remind them that technology is always a moving target. Fortunately, we have vendor partners who are always moving at high speeds and adjusting their solutions appropriately. Had this not been the case, we might have been stuck with 1970s technology in our 21st century classrooms.

Jim LeMasters is the technology director for Warsaw Community Schools in Warsaw, Indiana.

Laura Ascione

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