Survey reveals slow progress in education technology

Evaluators broke down the survey responses by education level to see how average scores differ. A question on how courseware and learning management systems differentiate instruction revealed an average elementary school score of 48 percent, an average secondary school score of 48 percent, a K-12 district average score of 50 percent, and a post-secondary average score of 59 percent.

The survey also combined all K-12 responses (elementary, secondary, and K-12 district) and compared those responses to postsecondary participants. The K-12 responses averaged 60.5 and postsecondary responses averaged 66.9 percent in aggregate.

“Viewed this way, it is clear that postsecondary institutions have considerably higher scores on almost all of the benchmark questions … and in many areas, the differences are considerable,” the survey says.

Educators representing all levels of K-20 education completed nearly 650 surveys. Each question on the survey had four possible selections, with each selection indicating the level of use of a particular type of technology at the respondent’s institution or district. The lowest level of use received a score of 25 percent, while the highest received 100 percent. At the aggregate level, the score indicates how close institutions are toward achieving a particular benchmark, with a score of 100 percent meaning the goal has been attained.

The survey attracted 25 percent more responses than in 2009. Roughly three-quarters of respondents came from K-12 schools and districts, with the rest coming from postsecondary institutions. Respondents ranged from rural to urban and from small to very large institutions.

The survey’s authors predict that the 2011 survey “will likely show the final effects of the recession and the expenditures from education stimulus funds on the implementation of education technology budgets and achievement of the Vision K-20 goals.”


SIIA Vision K-20 survey

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