People who have been out of school for decades are expressing sentiments on social-networking web sites that they dared not express in their youth, reports the New York Times. At a time when public school teachers are being blamed for everything from poor test scores to budget crises, Facebook is one place where they are receiving adulation, albeit delayed. The site has drawn more attention as a platform for adolescent meanness and bullying, and as a vehicle for high school and college students to ruthlessly dissect their teachers. But people who are 20, 30, or 40 years beyond graduation are using Facebook to re-establish relationships with teachers and express gratitude and overdue respect. On Facebook walls and dedicated tribute pages, the writings include moving messages (“You inspired each of us to learn and go beyond what we thought we could achieve”), lighthearted claims on old debts (“You owe us a pool party—you promised us one if the Dow ever reached 3,000”), and recollections of specific events (“You got me out of detention one time”)…

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