iPad is changing what’s in a campus store

A recent article in Fortune magazine warns that universities should hate the iPad, because it will infringe on profits in the campus store. But students began changing their campus store habits long before the iPad came onto the market, WalletPop reports. For example, the University of California, San Diego, is going the other way: Its campus store stocks not only textbooks and collegiate gear, but runs a green grocer, a convenience store, sells computers and iPads, and does computer repair. Owing to the ever-increasing costs of textbooks and the availability of auctions and textbook rentals, students have been shunning the practice of buying books on campus in favor of cheaper options. Indeed, some colleges, including Wesleyan College in Macon, Ga., have eliminated books from their campus stores. Wesleyan made the decision to save its limited space and open an online bookstore instead through MBS Direct. The campus store sells stationery, art supplies, spirit wear, and some room decor items. MBS Direct, one of the online companies that is changing the landscape of the campus store, partners with schools to allow them to continue to profit from book sales without ever having to touch a textbook. And iPads are creating the next stage of evolution at the campus store…

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Laura Ascione

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