MimioProductShowcase150x150What if your assessment tool solved problems, instead of creating them? The MimioVote™ assessment system from DYMO has a unique, patent-pending design that’s much easier and more intuitive for both you and your students.

Four flexible options simplify creating both custom and standardized assessments:

  • Use the MimioVote question templates to create custom items quickly and easily.
  • Create custom tests using Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Import state assessment or publishers’ question banks into MimioStudio™ software.
  • Ask oral questions on the fly, anytime.

Choose teacher-led or self-paced assessments. Either way, students submit answers on their wireless handsets and the data are transmitted instantly to your computer. Handset response buttons light up automatically to match the questions. Five distinct buttons are available for multiple-choice questions (A, B, C, D, E), plus there are two separate buttons (a checkmark and an X) for true/false statements or yes/no questions. Only the appropriate buttons light up for each question.

MimioStudio software keeps a running tally of scores for both the entire class and individual students. Final results are stored in the MimioStudio Gradebook, where they can be reviewed, modified, or downloaded into spreadsheets. Only DYMO makes assessment so easy for you and your students. http://mimio.dymo.com/new65

About the Author:

Jeff Festa