Technology takes formative assessment to a whole new level

“As a teacher, I am able to send questions to each student’s ActivExpression, and they are able to work on the problems at their own pace. I can instantly track the progress of each student on the ActivBoard, and I can go directly to the students who aren’t on task or who are having problems,” he said.

“The best part about RTPI is that it places a sparkle on every student’s face. They love the thrill of texting their answers, and the competitive component of seeing how quickly you can answer all of the questions in each series is something that appeals to kids a great

After class, Clark said, “I always review the responses again to see where there are overall weaknesses in the class. I also take note of material that the students understand fully, and I realize that there is no need to review the content that has been mastered.”

Cann said the system is capable of delivering 15,000 to 20,000 self-paced questions per minute. It is available as a free software upgrade for current ActivExpression users, and the ActivExpression units themselves—which turn on in just two seconds and have a battery life that lasts for about 25,000 questions, he said—work with any whiteboard system, not just the ActivBoard.



Ron Clark Academy

eSchool News Staff

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